Saturday, April 10, 2010

Karaoke Night!

Well, I have to admit, Karaoke Night went exceptionally well and was way better than I had thought it was going to be.

We paid for two hours for ten people with the cheapest alcohol package. It wasn't that cheap, but when divided between the ten of us, it was reasonably priced. We were then showed into a nice sized room with a big screen tv, a couple tables, and a line of comfortable couches. Right off the bat, people started selecting songs and singing their hearts out. It was very entertaining and so much more fun than American Karaoke at the bars. There is a huge difference singing in front of a group of people you know rather than in front of a group of people you don't know.

I even got up and sang a few songs, mainly English pop songs, and after a couple mugs of beer, the need to let out all emotion through song became the only important thing in the world. We even paid for another hour. It was fun, and we all had a blast. We definitely plan on doing it again.

Here is some evidence to my words.

Yesterday, a couple of us went into Oita, which is the city north of Beppu, and walked around for a little bit. There are a ton of shops that are kind of indoors, and then we found a nice authentic place to eat. Well, it was a little too authentic because the menu wasn't in English, and there were absolutely no pictures. It was a very interesting situation to be in. It was the first time that Carlos, Stephanie and I had to really pull our Japanese skills together and form coherent sentences with the tiny, old, waitress that had no idea how to speak in English.

With rumbling stomachs and a large boost of courage we relied on fate to decide our meal as we randomly opened the menu and pointed to the first thing we saw. In the end, it was the best thing we could have done.

It was delicious, the way Japanese food is supposed to taste, and everything was good.

Anyway, this morning Steph and I cooked breakfast, the good old way we are used to. She made her fried potatoes, and I cooked the eggs. We didn't have butter, but we made do with what we had. The bread here is sliced super thick, and the eggs are kind of small, but it was still very good. I haven't had eggs in awhile and I think I was going through withdrawal from it.

As of now, I'm trying to get my head out of vacation mode and into school-time mode. The switch isn't coming easy, and I'm a little concerned about how sharp my focus will be once classes start on Monday. I think it will all be okay, but it doesn't help that I haven't been doing any type of school work since December. I know its like riding a bike, and I'll get into the groove within a week or two, but apart of me still doesn't want to let go of the carefree vacation mindset.

At least I have the quarter break to look forward to. Since coming here, I've made several Korean friends who are planning on going back home for the quarter break since its only about a one hour flight. I think the Beppu Crew and I are planning on tagging along with some of these friends and heading over to Korea for the break. That would be so awesome.

I miss pizza right now. And American coke. The coke here is less syrupy and quite watery. Steph said I was crazy, but I know my Coca Cola, and others tell me that I'm right. And most of all, I miss my coffee maker. :(

Well, I'll let you know how my first days of class go. I still have to sort out some things with GVSU, but I'm not going to get stressed about that now. I still have to purchase books, but its raining out so I will do that tomorrow.

Ja! (See you).

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  1. Shell- I'm really glad to hear that you were able to get 20 (12) credit hours. I bet the Saki helped :) On another note, I give you props for having a brave stomach....that greenish/black thing above look scary, lol....what is it?